What You Shouldn’t Be Doing When Renting A Car

For the last few years, the rent-a-car industry has been booming. It is one of the highest earning in the world, and continues to grow. With so many people renting cars from different companies on a very frequent basis, one would expect there to be some transparency as to how the whole business works. Surprisingly, there isn’t. So if you want to avoid the costs that can arise from your rental of a new car, you should probably follow these few tips.
Prepaid fuel is a thing
If you hadn’t heard of it before, any time you go to an Abu Dhabi airport rent a car stall and talk to them about your options, they offer you a prepaid gas card. This means that you get to pay for a certain allowance of fuel before you even start the car. This serves to make things a lot simpler in terms of travel. You no longer have to worry about being late for a flight because you got caught up at the gas station either. In the modern day, airport security is tighter than it has ever been, meaning that a lot of time is added to the process of renting a car, driving it to the airport after your stay in the country is over, returning it and paying the gasoline charges, going through security, ticketing and customs, and finally boarding your flight. The problem with this method is that it is going to be a loss for you. Prepaying for your gas is completely fine if you can be absolutely sure you are returning the car with the needle on the red line.
How to avoid getting late for your flight
If running out of fuel is a worry, you can always ask the Abu Dhabi airport rent a car representative where the nearest gas station is. Even better, try to figure out where the places are on your own as you are driving away from the airport in your rental vehicle. If you can remember where the gas stations are, you don’t have to worry about getting caught up and late due to your refueling problem on the way back. This way, you can also figure out which of the places have the speediest service and the best prices. Do remember to do this.
The chances are that the area around the airport is completely foreign to you. This means that you are going to struggle to find a way to and from the gas station, especially if you are stressed about missing your flight as well.