Types Of Party Outfits For Women

Deciding on what to wear for a party is one of the most challenging tasks for a woman. This is due to the varieties of choices available nowadays. However, it is important that you choose the attire according the type of party that you are about to attend. The following provides some tips.
Cocktail attire
This particular dress code involves being dressed in a manner that is somewhere in between a casual and a business or a formal outfit. Avoid wearing slippers, shorts or t-shirts for an event or party with a cocktail dress code. One option for a cocktail attire is a mini dress along with a smart blazer and eye catching shoes. On the other hand, a long dress or one that is up to knee length would also be ideal. Make sure that you do not wear jewellery that is too flashy so that the dress will not be highlighted.
Festive wear
As the name suggests, this type of outfit is mostly chosen for themed parties such as Christmas or New Year. However, if you walk into a party of an outside culture in a venue such as a Bollywood club Dubai, consider wearing something like a saree or a ‘lehenga’. You should always select your attire according to the theme of the party to ensure that it always matches the expected dress code.
Smart casual
If the dress code for the party is indicated as smart casual, always select an outfit such as a dress that is around knee length along with a few simple jewelleries or a formal jean and a top along with a charming blazer. However, some of the important things to keep in mind is even if the function is in a beach or a Bollywood club, you should never wear shorts, miniskirts, dresses, casual tops and T shirts if the dress code is given as such.
Garden or beach attire
Some parties in Dubai are held at outdoor venues such as a garden or a beach side, especially during summer. With regard to this dress code, you should go for an outfit such as a short and a fancy top or even a casual dress that can either be short or long. One of the things you must avoid is wearing heals. They sink in the mud or in the sand and instead consider wearing flats including sandals.
Therefore, ensure that you pay close attention to every aspect of your attire in order to look elegant and feel confident throughout the party.