Tourism In The Middle East

As the world walks into the 21st century, and globalization sets in, travel to almost any part of the world has become more and more convenient as each every type of transport is vying to become the tourists’ choice of travel.

Tourism is emerging as the largest economic help to every country. Many countries from East to West have become dependent on Tourism for their countries development and come up with the most adventurous of ways to visit their most interesting places. The best desert safari in Dubai is just one of the many on offer in the region of the Middle East.

Some may question as to what can be seen in a desert, after all it just barren land and sand storms, however, Desert sports focuses on hiking and highland biking and river sports in specially made National Parks and State Park. Then Again Camel riding has become popular in the desert, and you can go dune bashing or Land Cruising, and desert biking in the vast spaces out in the open desert. As Dubai turns into a cosmopolitan city and turns to other means of earning revenue, knowing fully well that oil will not last forever, excursions like Dubai desert safari have begun to take shape as the most predominant holiday adventure ever.

The 21st century miracle

Dubai has evolved as one of the most lavish cities in the world business arena and the hub of the Middle East. However unlike other countries where nature itself has bestowed its mercy, the desert is an infertile and an unforgiving area of land where little or none at all rainfall occurs and sustaining life is aggressively hostile for every life form. To make up for this lack of natural beauty a variety of sports have cropped up to entice the adventure seeker to its territory. Sport such as Camel racing, Endurance riding, Camping have begun to take route.

As tourists sort after more unusual destinations, the Middle East has come of age to the modern traveler. There are many holiday packages such as Evening Safari where the tour leaves in the early afternoon across the desert of Dubai. Then there is the overnight safari where the traveler will get a chance to spend the night under the stars with dinner and drinks. The craving for adventure of any and every type has become a boost for places never thought of for vacationing in. The middle Eat was one of the last destinations of choice until a few years ago, however with help from the west the Middle East has now made its mark in the tourism industry.