Top Wedding Locations You Need To Try For Your Big Day

All these years you have been dreaming for this day. You want to make it special in every angle and make it so unique. One way you can make it a perfect day is by choosing a perfect location for your wedding. This is also one expensive thing in your wedding list but you want to make every dollar worth it. This is why we want to add more specialty and uniqueness to your wedding day by helping you to select a perfect location. Check these amazing locations before you book your venue.
Select a grand theatre
If you check for some grand theatres in your city, you will be surprised that some of them will help you with unique wedding day locations. Never thought of it before? Well, rarely this happens and you can make it country for your wedding theme. Give your guests a new experience and also you can make a grand entrance by raising the curtains and matching up to the theme. Say “I do” on stage but this is not a film at all. It’s real life! Especially if you are a couple who is into performing arts, then there’s no better location than this.
A beach wedding
This is one of the trendiest Dubai wedding venues on earth to have your big day celebration. What’s better than the sound of the beach waves, the sandy beach and the salty air combines with the love in the air? Give your guests a unique beach wedding experience and when it comes to décor you can go for some intimate ideas. Select flowers, petals, canopies, candle light, hanging lanterns, Tiki torches and tiffany chairs for your decors, lighting and seating options. You can get more creative ideas and select color palettes online and from magazines.
A cruise wedding
One dream come true, a wedding cruise! It’s quite expensive but its one elegant place to take your wedding. Love the water and how it feels to have a cruise ride? Pretty sure that you will love this. You need to check for companies and resorts that will help you with a cruise wedding. Also you need to select the time of the day you will be having the ceremony. Your guests will simply love the elegant background and setting. Not just that but photographer will be delighted with the changing backgrounds throughout the day and you will be promised with a unique wedding album.
Get hitched amidst the blooms
If you always dreamed about having lots of different flowers for decors and simply going for the floral theme for your big day, then you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying your own. Select a botanical garden or a conservatory in your area (or even in any area you like) which has the perfect bloomed setting you want. Tree-lined paths, walkways, tall greenhouses, lovely flower beds and shrubs will give you the feeling f a royal garden wedding. Plus, you will only need to check for non-floral items for your decors. Some greenhouses will give you enough and more space for your wedding reception.