The Only Thing To Do On A Low-Budget Friday Night-In

It’s probably the middle of the month. The weather isn’t right either or perfect, depending on how sunny or rainy you like it to be. It’s also been a long week at work – un-cooperative co-workers and a ridiculous amount of work. You just want to lie in sweatpants, old clothes and refrain yourself from doing anything glamorous, partly because it’s also mid-month that might also mean half or less than half a bank account to party with.

Hence, you resort to the oldie but goodie option available: a movie night! With a variety of options to select from as a source of movie – Netflix, cable, live streams, on demand etc. – you start planning from the night from the beginning of the day. Give yourself something to really look forward to.

Once you have selected your movie and the entertainment component checked, focus on the next most important thing on the list: food and beverages. Reheating leftovers or pizza delivery? Popcorn and coke? Mix up some cocktails and buy yourself a can of olives?

The food and beverage element of the movie night would depend heavily on if you plan on entertaining guests over to watch the movie with. As it is a casual and comfy occasion, be sure to invite those whom you are casual and comfy with. Those who would not judge you for wearing torn sweatpants or who wouldn’t mind you walking around with unshaven legs because tonight is all about unwinding and de-stressing after a long work week.

If you are having people over, opting for pizza Dubai delivery is perhaps the easiest and most convenient option. You can opt for half-and-half pizza so there isn’t a lot of decision making that would delay the night all together and best part is, most people love pizza!

If it’s just either you or you and your best friend, sibling, parent or significant other, popcorn and coke or even reheating leftovers from Wednesday night works great. If it’s someone you are comfortable and would most likely go for drinks with, be sure to have cocktails ready to keep you going!

Before the movie, it’s always great to either to some sort of physical activity such as hitting the gym, going for a run or doing some asanas on a yoga mat to get you moving. This can always be followed by running a nice long bath and then getting into the comfiest pair of clothes your closet has and letting go of all the stressors and events of the work week.