The Final Checklist For Your Wedding

For months now, you probably have been carrying around numerous to-do lists to make sure that your big day is being planned to perfection. Well, you have just one more to go. Your final checklist is regarding all of those last minute details that you need to attend to. This is the last time before your nuptials that you check to make sure that everything is running smoothly.
The list is going to include your wedding venues, the vendors, and the payments. As long as everything is checked off, you can expect to have a smooth-running day. Here is what you need to do:
Check with Venues
You can call your wedding venues a few days before or even the day before the event. This is simply to check that everything is in order and going according to plan. This is particularly important if you are having an outdoor event. If the weather is not cooperating, call ahead to make sure that they have a proper contingency plan in place. This is also a good time to slip any final (but simple) requests that you may have.
Check in With Vendors
Some vendors need a friendly reminder about everything that they have promised to bring to the wedding in Dubai. Go over all of the requirements that you have and make sure that everything has been taken care of. It is also a good idea to go through the schedule for the big day once more. This way you will be able to detect any potential hiccups and counter them accordingly. If one of the vendors has not prepared something as yet, you should get a firm answer for when it will be ready.
Figure Out Payments
One of the mistakes that people make is waiting until their wedding day to make all of the necessary payments. This, however, can make the day even more hectic and can mean that you will not enjoy yourself as much. Instead, try paying for everything a few days beforehand. This way you will not owe anyone any money on the day. Make sure to get detailed receipts for all of the payments that you have made.
Have an Emergency Bag
Finally, you should throw together an emergency bag for yourself and your soon-to-be spouse. Make sure to have safety pins, tissues, wet wipes, stain remover, makeup, umbrellas, shoe support, and anything else you can think of. This way you will be able to solve most mishaps.
You are now free to enjoy the day ahead of you. You should relax and treasure this wondrous moments. After all, with all of your hard work, you certainly deserve it.