Latest Interior Decorating Trends

Read below for in-depth information on the latest interior decorating tips taking over the design world:

Wallpapered Kitchen Cabinets

Wallpaper is back, this time on kitchen cabinets instead of actual walls. You can liven up a drab and muted kitchen with some wallpaper with quirky designs adorning the kitchen cupboards.

Ceiling Shelves

Initially started as an innovative idea to improve storage space, ceiling shelves have taken off as one of the top interior design trends of this year. They are usually almost invisible as the shelves are painted the same color as the wall. If you have small rooms in need of extra area, these would be ideal. Otherwise, you could still have these to show off ornaments.

Super Stairways

The cupboard under the stairs is no more. Instead, the latest trend is to resign the area under the stairs with shelves, decorative openings, and even holes big enough for the television or an oven. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your staircase “super.”

Cabinets over the Bed

Another great storage space creating idea, you can include cabinets above your beds to have more places to keep stuff, as well as to make your living room look modern and hip. They are highly practical and useful. If cabinets won’t do, you can add shelves over the bed to show off photographs and lovely ornaments.

Large Windows

The latest interior design consensus is to have rooms with plenty of natural light. So, say bye bye to small windows with safety grills and say hello to large, frame free windows. They allow plenty of sunlight inside during all times of the day, so you don’t even have to turn on the lights during dusk.

Minimalist Decorations

Instead of showing off elaborate and ostentatious ornaments like the ones your grandmother liked, become minimalist and display only one or two ornaments. It makes living areas look less clutter-y and easy to clean.

Bold Tones

Instead of the classic muted tones like cream or salmon pink, choose bold tones like hot pink and sunflower yellow to make loud fashion statements in your home. Bold tones are ideal for outdoor areas or living rooms where you entertain guests and designate as places for having fun.

Wicker Furniture

Plastic and expensive wooden furniture are largely considered highly environmentally unfriendly. Instead, the latest style is to use wicker furniture, as it was several decades ago. Wicker furniture is ideal for outdoor areas during summer months.

So, which one of the above trends do you like the most?