How To Be A Good Baby Sitter

Working with children is never easy. It demands so much of patience and an ability to get down to the child’s mentality and see things and reason like a child. The most crucial parts of the brain and the development of the id, the ego and the super ego in psychology takes place in the childhood and hence, how a child is raised, cared for and loved affects a great deal in the formation of a complete grown up individual in the future. So definitely being a baby sitter is definitely not easy. It is quite a demanding job which requires a lot of patience and understanding.
A compatible family
Most parents don’t have time to stay with their children all day long and spend time with them as most of them are busy today with their work lives and busy schedules. Therefore there is a huge demand for nanny jobs Dubai at present. But it is important for you to pick the right family to work with. They need to be people you are comfortable with and people who share the same type of values and ideas as you do. If not, your job is going to be quite difficult for you and will require you to do things that you do not whole heartedly agree with.
How to discipline
One of the biggest tasks that you have is to discipline the kids; which should be very methodically done. Always keep in mind that children are not bad. They just don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. One reason that makes nanny jobs demanding is that it requires patience to correct a child. 1st he or she should be told not to do what should not be done. The second time, they can be warned again and a few more times. Afterwards punishment has to be done. Cut them out of some privileges or make them do some simple house work (for older children) will be good methods.
Know how to deal with children
It is important to make them feel loved. Understand that they are in your care as their parents are away and that they expect the same love and affection from you. Therefore, try to be a friend to them rather than to rule them and replace their parents. Stay friendly and try not to lose your cool very often no matter how mischievous the kids may be.
Talk to parents
Try to daily discuss the matters regarding the child with their parents. If you notice any difference in the child or his/her behavior make sure to inform their parents. Explain how you spent the day and how the child’s mood and feelings were within the day.