Celebrate Another Year Of Marriage With These Ideas!

In this day and age where divorce is a rampant issue, to be able to celebrate the milestone of another year of marriage is quite something. Not many make it to even a year, so to be able to honour another year of togetherness, honesty and commitment is worth a celebration. However, after some time you begin to wonder, what could you possibly give your significant other that would blow their socks off? What can you do to keep them guessing, surprised and keep the excitement alive? Below are some ideas that have been compiled for all lovebirds out there… no need to scramble for gifts anymore!


These are great for any sort of gift-giving to be fair… but did you know that every year of marriage falls under a particular theme? First year is paper, second year is cotton, third leather and so on, going by the U.S. system. You can refer this list and perhaps organise something based on the theme. It is fun, and you are sure to come up with something different every year. Anniversary gifts Dubai are available everywhere although coming up with something unique is rarer. Think outside the box to engage your creativity while also sparking some excitement!


What does your spouse enjoy? Do they enjoy collecting coins, stamps or feather for instance? No matter how odd the hobby may seem to you, at the end of the day it is about making them happy so unless they are hoarding a collection of skulls in your basement, why not consider making an addition to their assortment? Hunting down vintage items will be an added plus point as they can be hard to come by, and they may not have considered it.


This means, to steer clear of gifts that are somehow related to the home front. A blender or a rice cooker is not exactly something that conveys you love your wife, nor is a lawnmower the same to your husband. Make your anniversary gifts really personal. This is your chance to show much attention you have been paying throughout the year… maybe they wanted something specific for a while but had no way to get it? Why not get it for them!


Do not just put something together for the sake of it. Make an effort to remember your anniversary (men this is for you!) and plan ahead. It need not be extravagant as your partner only needs to know you remembered and did your best. If you have to work on the day, ensure you set aside another day to spend it together. Do not let work and other commitments take these precious moments away from you.