Backyard Wedding: Vital Aspects To Consider

Your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life, and it is also going to be one of the most expensive days of your life as well. One way to have a pocket friendly wedding without having to drain yourself, is to have a backyard wedding. The advantage of a wedding of this nature is that your costs will tremendously decrease, your guests won’t be treated as an expense, and you can personalize all the aspects of the wedding to purely your liking, making it even more special. Below are a few ideas to take into consideration.

Planning and prepping

Before putting the backyard wedding idea into motion, there are several things that have to be considered. The first question that arises is whether you or your parents have a big enough backyard. Once that’s sorted, you have to decide whether to host the ceremony, the reception, or both. What type of reception you have in mind, a sit down dinner or buffet, and whether the space is enough to accommodate all these. Your backyard is a great way to set the décor in motion. Planning on having your backyard wedding in the summer? Great. Start prepping it at least eight to nine weeks in advance by planting your garden with plants that go with the décor and theme.

The vitals

All weddings have a theme. Be it an elaborate and extravagant wedding or a simple one. Rustic, traditional, vintage or modern. Every theme comes with a stipulated set of décor, ranging from different types of chairs, tables and linen – all readily available at event rentals, to the choice of food served. A vitality when it comes to outdoor events, is having a tent. No one can ever predict the weather, the scorching sun maybe out or the rain clouds may be drifting in, a tent will give you shelter during any of these situations.What is a wedding without music or dance? A dance floor is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t want all the ladies in heels ‘attempting’ to dance on grass, and it’s quite necessary to have smooth and flat surface. In addition, rent out all the tables and chairs from event rentals and everything will be easily constructed for you.

Finishing touches

Having your wedding in your own backyard, there is nothing you cannot do. It can be lit up and personalized to your taste and preference. Lanterns can be hung, candles can be placed on tables, and fairy lights can be put inside the ceiling of the tent and wrapped around trees to give the backyard an exquisite look.

Get yourself a photobooth, a photographer and a videographer to capture all your beautiful and candid moments. Keeping in mind all these tips, have a beautiful backyard wedding filled with memories to last a lifetime.