6 Tips For Living Alone

It’s perfectly normal to be living all by yourself. If you are a recent graduate working in a big city, you might not have a choice but to live alone. It’s not that scary a prospect as in the past. So, if you are living alone, here are a few tips to help you manage and stay safe:
1. Jog during Daytime
If you like running or jogging outdoors, do it during daytime. Lone joggers are vulnerable to assault at night. Also, you can see the streets better during day time. There will be more people on the street that can hear your screams if it comes to that.
2. Go to His or Her Place, Not Yours
In case you meet a romantic partner with whom you want to spend the night, always ask to go to his or her place, or a hotel, rather than coming to your place. It’s not wise to bring strangers to the place you live alone, no matter the reason. You can avoid the risk of getting attacked, and also reduce the risk of your paramour accidentally seeing your dirty laundry.
3. Be Friendly with Your Neighbors
When you live alone, your best friends are your neighbors. They will be the only ones who can notify you promptly if your house or apartment catches fire or if a burglar tries to break in. So, be nice to your neighbors. You will need them during emergencies.
4. Save Money by Washing Clothes Only Once a Week
When you live alone, you don’t have to do the dishes or wash clothes every day. You can save time and money by piling small tasks into one big one. For example, instead of doing laundry in JLT every one or two days, let them pile and do them at once. You will save more water and change that way.
5. Volunteer at the Local Animal Shelter
Living alone is lonely. You don’t have to be if you can find yourself some companionship. So, be productive and happy by volunteering at the local animal shelter, where you can certainly be of help and make friends with lot of cute little fur balls.
6. Learn Self Defense
You are the only one who can protect you when you live alone. So, take self-defense classes on the weekend to learn to protect yourself in case an attack occurs. Consider it a precaution, and don’t be too scared and think you will be attacked any time.
Also, have a person you can call every day, like your mother. So if you don’t call one day, someone will look for you.