A Comparison Between TOEFL And GRE Courses

Are you interested in completing your studies in states? Or, you might have earned your bachelors and planning to apply for a master degree in the US. If you’re planning to follow a higher educational course abroad, you might have to sit for a test that measures your intelligence, English language skills and so on. You might have heard about various tests that are conducted. Moreover, these tests help in determining if you have the necessary skills and knowledge to enroll in a program. Therefore, in one way, a factor that decides your future, specifically your career. With that said, some of these tests, include the following;


GRE Dubai

– IELTS and many more.

Especially, if you’re planning to study in States, as mentioned above, it’s important that you understand the difference of some of these tests. Moreover, it’s another hurdle that students must overcome, in order to achieve their goals. With that said, if you’re thinking of studying in the US, you would be facing these tests as well. Therefore, you should score well, in order to pass this barrier in reaching your educational and career goals. With that said, this article would be discussing about two exams;

i. Graduate Record Examination common known as ‘GRE’

ii. Test of English as a Foreign Language known as ‘TOEFL’

Comparing the two exams

a. GRE

First and foremost, depending on the area that you wish to study, you could choose the test accordingly. The individual taking the test will be sitting for a computerized examination. This is a requisite in many degree programs, therefore, you need to score well, in order to get accepted for a program. This test compared to the TOEFL courses focuses on other areas such as the different facets of intelligence such as the following;

– Writing analytically

– Verbal reasoning

– Critical thinking and others


In order for you to successfully enroll and follow a degree program, you need to have a certain level of English knowledge and understanding. With that being the objective, the TOEFL courses in Dubai were designed for students to prepare ahead. The test is timed and the score you obtain will determine your eligibility to apply for a degree in the US. The course prepares you for the test that is separated into to several categories. These categories are the areas that you would be assessed namely;

– Listening

– Comprehension

– Writing

There are many companies and foreign education agencies that offer these courses to students interested in studying overseas in the US. Irrespective of having proficient or intermediate English language, you have to take these tests. Therefore, it’s important to prepare for these tests before, applying for any degree program. This article provides a simple comparison of two important examinations.